Life on the Creek.....New Seasons

Life on the Creek..........We have some big projects that have been completed in the month of May. May is full with Branding Season, now coming to end so we can move on to Fencing season, putting cattle to pasture season and that leads to getting ready for haying season. There really is no such thing as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter when you live on a ranch.
We also had another big Celebration in the Month of May! Our daughter Kylie graduated high school! As we carry on to the next season of life, I look back and see how fast time goes and how fast they grow from being attached to you to spreading their wings and ready for the big world all grown up! We are so proud of her and wish her all the best as she starts the next season of College at South Dakota State University for Veterinary Medicine. She has had a life long dream of being a large animal Vet in rural SD! I can't wait to see this happen!
As for progress with the White Owl Store....we have mowed the lawn 2x's. I look forward to digging in and start some big changes for yet another new season of an empty nest for this mama and dad!

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