Bring on the New Year!

Bring on the New Year!

Shaw Family 2016  

  It is a NEW YEAR in just a few short days.  As I look back at over the last year, I automatically think of when my Grandparents would say, "time flies the older you get."  I never really payed attention, but I look at my growing girls and realize, it really does fly by.  It has been a while since we have done a family picture and my heart leaps with excitement and melts when I look at them.  Another year gone and another year ahead.

 This time of year usually brings us to new goal setting and resolutions, a look back on what the last year held and what the new year is bringing on.  How we can improve ourselves, business, goals.  I think last year I made a resolution to BLOG, that was about February and here I am again.  Not meeting that goal!  Should I feel like a failure?  Heck no!  Reset it for this year and try to improve it one step at a time!

 Once again, reflecting on the year, I just want to Thank You, my customers, for stopping in and making this a great year.  We often gage success on all our accomplishments and this year I gage mine on Faith.  Without it, I would be no where. So I challenge you to set your Faith on things above, love the ones that are near and dear, cherish it all and have more Faith than the size of a mustard seed.

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