February on White Owl Creek.  We have hit the time of year where everything depends on the weather.  Today as I write this, the wind is blowing 65 mph.  Thank goodness there is no snow with it, but the power is blinking and I keep waiting for the second the electricity decides not to come back on.  We have been enjoying some beautiful sunrises as well.  

My Lovely Ladies (my girls)  have been in full basketball swing and we are on the go almost daily with them, going to games or practice.  I love it! But at the same time, it's always good to move to the next project!  For us, Calving season.

Calving Season.  Like Basketball season only it's Calving Season. We also have Haying Season, Weaning Season, Feeding Season, then back to Calving Season, Branding Season.  New Life on the Ranch. New Season. New Lessons. New Beginnings.  With it is is 24/7 hard work.  Keeping an eye on all the new babies is a full time, around the clock business.  Just like new babies, calves require around the clock watch.  With night time checks and early mornings, late nights and busy days.  Making sure every new life is getting the best possible chance of making it through rough weather and just everyday struggles.  I love the first moment they get up.  Amazes me every time how they are up and eating within minutes of birth.  Then the next thing we know..It's a New Season.   

So is a New Season at White Owl Creek Boutique.  Attempting new ventures.  Attempting to try new things...like blogging, managing my Facebook, Instagram, and NOW NEW to the Pinterest World.  I have had a personal account for Pinterest for a quite some time, but I have recently added White Owl Creek Boutique to Pinterest as well.  New Challenges bring on New LIFE~  It's another Season, New Life, New Challenges and no matter how old we get.....we are never too old to learn new tricks!  SO Bring on February because life is full of surprises.

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